About Evident Streetwear

Make your style evident. Original streetwear to its core.

Evident Streetwear’s mission is to bring underground streetwear back. The current industry’s focus has shifted to a mainstream direction while streetwear should be about the community, belonging, and the love for the culture. 

The lines of high fashion and street fashion have blurred. As streetwear is constantly evolving and changing, there is no one-size-fits-all definition for it. Evident Streetwear is a fully independent brand that truly believes in underground streetwear. I’m self-taught and my inspiration comes purely from the streets. I have no investors, no partners but my passion, blank tees, and an old school California-made heat press.

My name is Patrick Molnar and the idea of Evident Streetwear was born in late 2017, however, it took me a long time to make it happen. I was born in Sydney but spent half of my life in Europe. After observing the streetwear scene both in Australia and Europe, I decided to combine my creativity and passion for clothing and graffiti and create a unique and eco-friendly streetwear brand that goes against the mainstream and brings back its underground roots. 

I am originally a writer and worked various jobs as a journalist and copywriter, however, streetwear has always been my greatest passion. As I had no experience in printing T-shirts, I used a couple of years to practice and be ready when the time comes. I’m currently working night shifts as a delivery driver and focus on Evident Streetwear during the day. Now, I have the knowledge, equipment, and supply to provide quality prints on 100% breathable cotton tees. I design and press each and every order by myself in my room in Brisbane, and ship them out in fully recyclable packaging.

How is Evident Streetwear environmentally friendly?

The fashion industry leaves an inconceivable amount of plastic behind. I wanted to make a difference and decided to leave plastic out of my brand. Here are some devastating facts:

  • Plastic bags could take between 15 years to 1,000 years to decompose, causing lasting damage to the environment.
  • The packaging itself takes up almost a third of all plastic production, but only 14% of it will be recycled.
  • According to a 2015 article from National Geographic, there are currently 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in our oceans with 269,000 tonnes of this floating on the surface.
  • ‘Single-use’ was even named the word of the year in 2018 by Collins Dictionary.
  • There is now more plastic waste in the oceans than wildlife. 
  • By 2030, fashion waste is expected to be around 148 million tonnes. 


    • Evident products are shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

    • Tapes used for sealing the boxes are eco-friendly, too. Paper packing tape is biodegradable, recyclable, and produced using vegetable based adhesive and sustainable paper rather than petroleum based plastic.